Marc Hughes Black Belt Academy

About Marc Hughes

Sensei Marc Hughes began his training, in the way of Shukokai Karate in 1988 under the guidance of Sensei John Lynn. One year into training became Assistant Instructor, in 1990 opened his own class in Groes Llewyd Church Hall Abergele. He was awarded his Black Belt two years later in 1992, also that year he Won the first KKA Nationals Tournament, adding the trophy to a collection of top club awards. He has continued his study of Shukokai, though over the years has also experienced many other styles of Karate, also Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Aikido, and Ninjutsu, on his travels of the country. On his return he took over as Chief Instructor of John Lynn`s Academy, a position he held for a further 5 years, before having to step back from teaching four classes a night, five nights a week, due to a back injury. After 8 months of rest and therapy, gradually began to re-introduce the body back into training again.

The Marc Hughes Black Belt Academy

This brings us up to the Birth of “The Marc Hughes Black Belt Academy”, very much a mixture of the the Old Style Traditional ways of teaching and the More Modern Westernised approach. Highlighting the values and benefits to be gained from practising the martial arts, and how they can be applied outside of the dojo, at home, in school or in the work place.

The benefits include Confidence, Honesty, Modesty, Courtesy, Self Control, None Quitting Attitude, Commitment, Goal Setting and dealing with the bully without fighting. Also learning to defend yourself, and keep fit, in a warm and friendly environment.

Karate Classes are held at the Ffordd Las Community Centre every Monday & Thursday.

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