Brian Nelson’s Lau Gar Kung Fu & Kickboxing

About Brian Nelson and Kickboxing

Brian Nelson is the senior instructor at BKN Lau Gar and holds classes at locations dotted around England and Wales. Several well respected Black Belt students also take classes. Brian has been training for nearly 30 years and has many tournament wins under his belt. With well over 70 current students and over 28 Black Belts, Brian is a well respected instructor in all areas.

SIFU Brian Nelson

Brian is a 5th Degree Black Sash and is the senior coach for north and mid Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire areas where he instructs over 70 students – including children and an ever increasing amount of Black Sash grades – who have entered European and World championships and have a number of National titles to their credit.

Brian is one of Britain’s leading martial arts exponents. He has travelled the world far and wide entering and winning tournaments. Recent tournaments have seen him come away with British, European and World titles and with nearly 30 years of experience he has what it takes to coach and pass on his skills to other people interested in learning martial arts and self defence. The style which Brian teaches is Lau-Gar Kung Fu – a soft form of Chinese Boxing first brought over to England in the seventies by Master Jeremy Yau – who’s leading club is based in Birmingham.

Brian Nelson’s Lau Gar Kung Fu & Kickboxing School

Newcomers often have the impression that martial art classes are very strict or you won’t get out alive, fortunately times have changed and with Kung Fu now catering for everyone, coaching skills in Brian’s Lau Gar schools have been adapted accordingly. This does not mean that there isn’t any discipline or respect, on the contrary you will develop these elements as your training progresses. You will also become fitter and healthier which will build your confidence and most of all – grasp the art of Lau gar.

This club meets every Thursday evening at the Tynewydd Community Centre in Rhyl.

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